Star Wars Fan - Loft ConversionA Star Wars fan has actually changed his loft into a remarkable shrine to the film.

His invaluable collection is the envy of Star Wars fans
Primary school teacher Edd Sprague is such a fan of Star Wars he’s converted his attic into a shrine to the renowned sci-fi franchise.
And much of his collection is so unusual he’s been provided hundreds of pounds for individual figures that make up his valued souvenirs.
Edd, 39, caught the Star Wars bug aged 6 when he went to see Return Of The Jedi in Cardiff and the movie has actually stuck with him throughout his life.

Now he’s transferred to a new home in Ton Pentre, with his partner Amy and 2 kids Amelie, aged seven, and one-year-old Finn (called after the character played by John Boyega in Star Wars: The Force Awakens), his collection has pride of place in his excellent loft conversion. Star Wars’ Dave Prowse on his ‘father and boy’ friendship with Bridgend artist Jayce Lewis
” The collection remained in the garage in my previous home, which was a bit of a man cavern together with my guitars and amps,” says Edd, who also has fun with the Rhondda band Theme From Alex.
” But I decided when we moved that it would be displayed properly.”

From Sy Snootles to Nien Nunb … Edd Sprague’s Star Wars collection is impressive

The Treorchy Primary School instructor, who is from Tonypandy, fasts to heap thanks on his parents who kept in their attic all his initial Star Wars figures from when he was growing up.Star Wars: Episode VIII’s official title has actually been revealed
” Thankfully they never tossed anything away,” he stated. “They put everything perfectly in black bags and stored them away for me.

” I understand this wasn’t the norm for lots of people and have actually frequently heard scary stories from pals and collectors of figures worth hundreds now being thrown out.”

Although Edd confessed he’s gone through phases of loving such passing trends as He-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars has always stuck with him.
However it wasn’t until the new Force Awakens film that he passionately began gathering once again.
” The film triggered my interest to dig whatever out and complete my collection of initial figures from the 1977-85 motion picture.

” There were 96 figures in that collection and I had 84.”

There’s even a Chewie mask in there
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” It wasn’t simple or low-cost,” he stated.
” However I was down to the final four figures I required and The Pumping Station (antique and collectors centre in Cardiff) helped me acquire them.
” They were likewise the rarest figures– an R2D2 with a pop-up light sabre, a Death Star Gunner, a Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper Disguise and an EE9 D9 Android.

” Those 4 cost me ₤ 200.”.

Edd’s Lego shelves, including an Ewok town, AT-AT and the Millennium Falcon.
Together with the many figures he has treasured autographs from a number of the Star Wars cast, consisting of Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Kenny Baker (R2-D2); Anthony Daniels (C-3PO); Dave Prowse (Darth Vader); voice of Yoda (Frank Oz); Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and, particularly poignantly, Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia).

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” That autograph suggests a horrible lot offered her recent passing,” stated Edd. “I’m so happy I have it framed on the wall.”.

Edd’s cherished Carrie Fisher sign.
As to just how much his collection his worth, he said: “I woudn’t prefer to hazard a guess. I’ve had offers of hundreds of dollars from various collectors in the States for some of the figures, however I would not sell them.
” I see them as an investment in the future for my children.”.

Adapted from an article on WalesOnline